As Kindness coaches we empower people on how to use this attribute for your life’s purpose

Kindness is your Inner Greatness and once you understand that you can empower yourself embracing challenges and equipping you with the right mindset are you able to serve.

The misconception that Kindness is a weakness is a myth in fact it’s a strength.
How you show up is key.
You leave everyone you encounter with an experience that will be touched by your authenticity. Personal or business, selling a product or service it does not matter leaving a connection that will stick with someone is what you want. 

The personal touch.
Your response and the action you take is your brand in living form.

Being practical about real life situations and how to deal with it is absolutely key. Every single one of us is unique and have unique circumstances. What I do know and what I do believe is that there is no, one size fits all. A coach should be there, not taking over. You have the answers we have your back!

Empowering people to take ownership of their destiny!

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Meet The Currency of Kindness Team

Hi ,

I’m Sakshi.

UNESCO Kindness Leader

Hi ,

I’m Shereen.

Chief Kindness Advocate

Our Approach

Our narrative on Kindness is as personal as it is research-based. While Shereen has used strategies of Kindness to become a powerful leader, Sakshi has applied Kindness to her transformation and change projects. We bring our stories to the table, highlighting each key decision and action, alongside a model that can help us understand Kindness more deeply. To further our collective knowledge, we are undertaking a global research on Kindness. The outcome of these two methodologies is an inspiring and practical take on the value that you can create with Kindness. Thus, we call it: The Currency of Kindness.

Treading with love:

Kindness is certainly hard to define. We recognize that to truly lead with kindness and to create new landscapes, we will require a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency. Thus, we must bear with each other as we try our hardest to understand what has been passed down throughout generations and as we try to shape it for the world today.

The team specialise in:

  • Executive Coaching
  • One on One coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Mentoring