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Book Description

The Currency of Kindness highlights the essentials and the strategies one must learn to deal and cope with all aspects of life- whether related to education, work, or personal life.

This book includes all the valuable, paramount lessons that would keep you in the right lane in your personal and professional life.

From defining the need for change in your life to normalizing and turning into your ultimate superpower, you would find all the strategies and tactics to fight off the trouble.

In this book, I have tried to discuss every nook and corner of life and how kindness plays a crucial role. The book will revolve around ideas highlighting actions to be taken against all odds in professional life. Each chapter is a thought, an action expected from the reader and encouraged to work on it after the message is delivered.

Having your mind and devising something that works for you and only you is never a mistake. Rather than follow the flowing rule book made ever since mankind began, it is a powerful thing to break away from it. In this book, you will explore this point of view that certain meticulously strategized actions may lead you to a better direction and overall an improved way of living.